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I am upset this morning after seeing post after post last night of memes and things stating that no one cared about the bathroom laws until now who had sons who went to the bathroom alone. I’m sorry but I have had enough and decided to speak up on this because it is truly an issue that has my blood boiling. But please read to the end and hear me out…..  its truly on heart heart.

I am really sick of seeing posts of people (especially ones who have NO children) telling me how I should be okay with the new bathroom laws. I am also VERY upset about the ones who are posting the this garbage about how parents of boys never worried about pedophiles in the bathroom.
I am the Mom of a Boy - I Disagree With the new Bathroom Laws - That Does Not Make Me a Bigot - Slender Suzie
Once upon a time I had a young girl to care for who is now a beautiful young lady. I am now also the parent of a young boy.  So, believe me when I say this – SAFETY has always and will also be a top concerns of mine when it comes to my children. Female AND MALE.
My son does NOT go to the bathrooms alone. His father takes him or when dad is not home we use the family restroom which is private with a door that locks. If one is not available either I make him wait or I take him with me – and I have never had another mother complain that he comes with me so I can ensure his safety!
I don’t even allow him to walk through the locker rooms alone at the Y to take swim – I require them to find a different way in and out of the pool area for us because I will NOT allow him to walk through alone – you do not know who is in there and its a safety concern. Period.
So, for those of you posting the little meme above – HOW DARE YOU say that my son’s safety has not always been a priority until this law came out!!!!!
This bathroom law is NOT specific to those who have undergone transgender surgery and legally changed their gender. This means all a man has to do is say “I feel like a women” or a woman has to say “I feel like a man” and they go wherever they please.
I remember when my son was 4, just a couple years ago, and the local YMCA told me he was NOT allowed to go with me to the locker room to get ready for swim class because of his age. So my little boy was a threat to the ladies room but a man who simply walks in as say “I identify as a woman” can just go ahead in?!?!
It’s funny because all these same people supporting this bathroom law make posts calling for the death penalty or firing squad or chopping off someone’s private parts when they hear news of children who are molested, raped, or even killed yet they support making it EASIER for these things to take place now?!?!? Are you really willing to throw the children of this country under the bus this way for 0.3% of the entire population?!?!? Are you truly willing to risk even ONE child over this??? BECAUSE I AM NOT!
(Now, let me clarify here – in my opinion that 0.3% isn’t really the issue – it is the others who will now POTENTIALLY use this as a new way to seek out these children and make them a victim).
So, with all of that said you all who post memes like the one above – YOU are now the “bigots” for hating on parents who value the safety of their children. I AM NOT A BIGOT – BUT I AM A MOM OF A YOUNG BOY AND I WILL DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT MY CHILD. You wanna hate on me for it thats okay, no problem. All I can say is buh-bye. But if you hate me for my views doesn’t that then make you the bigot? 
Now….  unlike the rest – on both side of this argument – who just want everyone to jump on their side and cry how everyone else is wrong, I have a solution….. I am not here just to complain and make you side with me (I am just of course wanting you to understand how I as a mom of a small boy feels about all of this and yes I do highly disagree with gender neutral restrooms)….
MY RESOLUTION – one stall bathrooms with doors that lock in every store, school and other public place. No more stalls. PRIVATE bathrooms with locking doors. Problem solved!!!
But you know why they won’t do that – because then these stores and school and places would have to spend a few bucks to renovate!!!!