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How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts - Slender Suzie Business Coaching

Instagram is one of those outlets we have all heard can grow your business substantially when used properly. The biggest problem – remembering to upload your photos at nicely spaced intervals throughout the day to build your following.

I am sure you have heard that you cannot schedule your posts of your beautiful photos to Instagram. And many people have ore than one account(although I recommend you only have ONE business account not multiple ones).

Well help has arrived – the fact is that you CAN schedule your Instagram posts!  Yes – you heard me you CAN schedule your posts ahead of time the same way you do with your other social media sites.

I have personally tested two top notch programs to help you accomplish Instagram Domination. After all if you are not posting – you can’t grow your following and in turn grow your business.


AutoGrammer lets you scheudle your Instagram Posts - Slender Suzie - How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts - Slender Suzie Business Coaching

The first is AutoGrammer.

This web based platform allows you to schedule unlimited posts to Instagram.  It has a built in photo editing suite letting you add text, frames, effects and much more.  It also offers a bulk upload feature so you can upload all of your photos (then you schedule each one by one after they are uploaded).

They offer a 7 day or 7 photos uploaded – whichever comes first – free trial (no credit card info is required) and then cost only $19 per month no matter how any followers you get on your account making it very affordable to anyone.


ScheduGram lets you scheudle your Instagram Posts - Slender Suzie - How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts - Slender Suzie Business Coaching

The second is ScheduGram.

This is also a web based platform that allow you to do everything AutoGrammer does including a free 7 day trial but you must enter your credit card information when you register.

Also when you sign up for the free trial you need to wait up to 24 hours for their team to approve your account to be used with their service. The approval requires that you (1) have at least 5 photos on the account already (2) that the account is set to public not private and (3)  you have listed your email address and phone number on the account.

The difference is that ScheduGram also allows you to schedule your first comment to each post you have scheduled.  The reason this may be helpful is that many people use hashtags to help drive eyeballs to their posts. To make it more “eye pleasing” putting your hashtags in the first comment is preferred by some marketers while others simply break up the post using dash marks and putting the post in paragraph form.

Another thing that is different is that they are directly integrated with Canva so you and design and load all in one swipe.

However with the extra little features comes extra costs – ScheduGram starts at $20 per month then increases to $70 per month based on how many followers your account has (it does not say what the cost is once you reach over 1,000,000 followers).

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