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Real talk moment!

I am home sick and is flat out stinks…

Faith is completely priceless. Faith is the best medicine. Mountains (BIG SCARY LIFE MOUNTAINS) can be moved and climbed when you have faith. Lately I have felt very home sick for Pennsylvania. It is so hard to admit but there are days that I do not feel like I am clicking in this new city. Where we live now is incredible, but something is missing…. and that would be my Friends and Family.

The un-ease and the fear are paralyzing in the mist of unfamiliar faces, surroundings and the NOT knowing what is coming next. I have been through the feeling of fear of the unknown many times in my life and the only way out…


He knows what stands before me, he know what stands behind. He will never leave me without answers. So, as I look out from our back deck over the absolutely stunning scenery God has laid before me I know I can get through this because I am His child.

Since we moved to our current location in Kentucky in July I have never felt more alone. Don’t get me wrong I did have one amazing thing come of this – I finally was able to meet up with my sister Keri who I have not seen since she was very small due to our mother moving away with her. For this I am feeling happy and blessed.  But even with her here she is still 2 hours away and I am here alone.

That night my husband was in the emergency room and almost died and having no family or friends there to support us during that time was one of the most lonely and terrifying experiences I have had.

Our son still remains very homesick as well, talking about his friends quite often, always with tears in his eyes. He deeply misses so many things about our home in Pennsylvania, which burden my heart even more.

I continue to pray for guidance and if it is His will that he will lead my family back home – soon.