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Well here we go… I am listening to my “inner voice” and going for it… EEEK

(by the way I am still not the most comfortable in front of a camera but I am doing it anyway! Hey at least I am REAL)

Make sure you check in on me on Facebook or Instagram to be sure I post every weekday that I actually DID workout!  HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!


When you declare a goal, you’re telling the world you will not fail! If you really want it, declare it publicly – like I just did! Stating your goal publicly adds accountability, social pressure and produces results. I found that those who did not state their goals, were far less likely to achieve them. If you really want it, you have to believe it and if you believe it…you will post it!

My name is Sue and I am a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach and the founder of Slender Suzie. I teach people how to quickly turn their bodies into fat burners instead of sugar burners.  I choose to be a Ketogenic Lifestyle Expert because I want to be the change and help others take back control of their health and happiness and Pursue Better!