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Health Benefits of Pumpkin Spice - Slender Suzie Independent Team Beachbody Coach

Unless someone slaps it out of my hand, I’m in danger of “pumpkin spicing” anything and everything (since it’s healthier than buying pumpkin flavored everything at the store – which I do somehow restrain myself from – except pumpkin spice black tea, I may or may not have stocked up a year supply of that. Just sayin)!!!

Anyway, present in my defense:

~highly potent antioxidant (prevents inner body inflammation)
~can reduce symptoms leading to heart disease (lower blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides)
~can reduce sensitivity to insulin and reduce the amount of carbohydrate (sugars) that enter the bloodstream (good news for risky pre-diabetics)
~makes great videos of your friends trying to swallow a whole spoonful without spewing it out like a little powder keg.

~has a long history of being a remedy for nausea (preggo friends)
~can speed up the digestive process of emptying the stomach, relieving indigestion
~anti-inflammatory agent
~can reduce menstrual pain!

~helps eliminate bad bread
~helps remedy insomnia
~natural pain killer
~prevents breakdown of neural pathways over time, aiding in brain function
~boosts appearance of healthy skin!

(I thought this was literally “all spices” for a while. It’s not. It’s from its own plant)
~aids digestion in the intestinal region
~natural pain killer particularly in swelling and inflammation
~anti-septic properties
~carminative….that means not building up gas in your intestine

So go ahead, be way basic and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!