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Have you taken Instagram business training yet? If you have then you may be like me and wondered how to use your photos that you have created in places like Photoshop and PicMonkey (or whatever program you love on your computer). You make those gorgeous photos and save them to your windows computer and then you can’t get them on Instagram.

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So today we are going to talk about a very simple way you can get those masterpieces onto your iPhone in just a few EASY steps!

Publishing to Instagram from Your Windows Computer Slender Suzie


  1. Go to and click the button that says “For Windows PC” then scroll down and click “Download Control Panel”.
  2. Once the download is complete a window will pop up for you to log into your iCloud account. Enter the Apple ID you used to create your iCloud account. Select the iCloud services you’d like to enable and click Apply – make sure Photos is selected.
  3. The Pictures library on your PC now contains two new folders. Any photos you take on your iPhone or iPad are automatically sent to the Photo Stream folder. You can also send photos to your iOS devices by placing them in the Upload folder.
  4. Then once they reach your iPhone you can locate them in the Photos files in the My Photo Stream album (click the left arrow next to where it says Camera Roll in Instagram and select My Photo Stream as the album you want to use).
  5. Publish to Instagram like usual from your iPhone!

Voila! A very simple solution to marketing your Instagram using photos on your computer!