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Are Your Ready To Get Uncomfortable With Yourself - Slender Suzie FITTEAM Coaching

I take coaching very seriously. I am a woman on a journey myself and I share it all – the issues with my weight, my marriage, the emotional pain I suffered with the death of my son.

I am not perfect in any way. I am just like you.

I don’t have a magic bag but I have a system that works. I have to have balance in my life so I can continue on my journey as well and honor my key priorities – God and Family.

I can’t personally help the hundreds of men and women who reach out on a monthly basis, so I provide this entire journey online (for the past two years), tips, examples, and so much more that is available to everyone for free.

Coaching with me is different. If you honor the excuses and are unwilling to get uncomfortable… because that is where change happens – I am not the coach for you.

The bottom line is, you have to show up.

If you are inquiring about my services, please be respectful and understand that this is my company. It is hard to believe that I get paid for doing what I love, and help other people learn how to do the same. If you run, I run with you, If you run away, I disappear too.

I am not here to coddle you. I am not here to listen to your same excuses as to why you can’t get healthy. I am not here to hear people say they want me to coach them, but their way.

I am here coaching those that WANT to be coached.

I am not looking for perfection but a dedication to progress and YES sometimes that includes falling off track. When you are coached, you are expected to follow the process. If you go away, then keep coming back, with never doing what I asked you to do, or being more dedicated to your old ways than making positive change. I won’t coach you, I am not the coach for you.

I have fired clients to be truthful. I have had several that have come in who I no longer coach. They are few, I have some people I have been coaching for a couple of years now. I am here to coach you to make change, not to coddle you.

My gift to you is my time, coaching, and experience.

I am here to help the willing. I want to have people in my life, including those I personally coach in my groups, that are dedicated to the process.

Believe me, I battle my own excuses. I want to be better and I can trust some of my own support system people to push me forward, but they, never, ever, chase me. I respect that.

The first step, take ownership of what is holding you back. It is never someone else and it is always you. That is a tough pill I had to swallow in the beginning of my journey. I blamed everyone else, however, things started to change when I accepted responsibility for myself.

So are you ready to take control of your outcome? Or will you continue to run away?