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So tonight I did an experiment. I wanted to show my customers what the REAL deal is with food – especially the ones who are not following the meal plan. My favorite snack is Jax (I could literally eat a whole bag!). So I read the nutritional information and there it was 140 calories of ONE OUNCE! Well that would explain why I used to be obese – a bag of those babies would have been 840 calories! So, I moved onto making my dinner. I made 4 ounces of chicken (120 calories) pan seared in 1 tbsp of soy sauce (10 calories) with one cup of vegetable (25 calories) – and there was an entire plate of VERY filling food for only 155 calories.

Food Choices We Make Jax Chicken Vegetables

The I also tried an experiment earlier today at lunch with one Cosmic Brownie vs a salad. I think this photo speaks for itself here! Again I am not saying you can NEVER indulge again when you are trying to lose weight – you can and you should occasionally eat the things you normally do not. The key to enjoying those foods is to make them an occasional treat vs an every day snack or something you grab quickly on your way out the door.
Food Choices We Make Brownie Salad

Over the last few days, in speaking with some members of my team and some of my customers I realized that no matter how much I coach them they ultimately are the ones making their food choices.

In speaking with some of them who say they are struggling or have hit a plateau I always ask them a series of questions – because I know that they have something in their day that is causing the stand still – and trust me I hear it all – everything from doughnuts to McDonalds… BINGO!!! I even have some who assume because they are now using my product that is a license to east whatever whenever – WRONG! You still need to make healthy choices more than you are eating junk.

What are some ways you can see right off the bat you can make better choices in your calories?