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Well over the last few weeks I was approached about not one but two different business opportunities outside of my current company.  At first, like anyone else, you think “hmm extra money”.

Focus on Your Goals |

When it comes right down to it I will continue to remain only focused on my business.  After all, why on earth would I go and tell everyone how amazingly successful of a career I have only to then start up a “side project” or a “plan b”?  I will admit I stepped back and contemplated these opportunities. Then I realized – NO WAY!!  First off if I start up another company not only will I lose focus on my goals but I will lose credibility with my team members, my friends and my fans.

But most importantly my career has been a gift from God – it has changed my health, my family’s finances and the lives of countless others in just the short 7 months I have been here (and so many more great things are yet to come)…  its a DREAM COME TRUE!

Then, As if God was validating my decision, I saw a video from Todd Falcone pop up in my Facebook newsfeeds this morning and the caption was “I don’t proclaim perfection.  I’m a work in progress…just like everyone else is.  So…the advice I’m giving you in this video, is based on not only my own observations, but also my own experiences.  I’ve been singularly focused and I have been not so singularly focused at times during my life.  What I’ve learned from doing both is shared in this video.  So…if you are one of those individuals who has been moving in two or more different directions at the same time, I think you can relate to what I’m talking about.”

Then I also realized that I watch some others in Facebook land posting about multiple companies and then wondering why no one takes their business venture seriously. Well the answer is simple YOUR NOT SERIOUS! To be truly serious about your chosen career you need to make the decision to focus on your business, your team and your customers.

So I am more confident than ever that where I am is not only the right place to be, its the ONLY career for me!