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“I had no confidence, no belief in myself, no positive mindset. I was broken….”

I watched this talk Miranda gave last week several times, in tears. I know all too well the struggles I have had to overcome (much of which I have shared with you all but some of which are still too much to talk about) and I know how easy it is to put yourself last because of that.

I was lost for so very long.  I grew up raised by my grandparents (whom I loved dearly) after my mother and father divorced and had no relationship with my mother after that and my relationship with my father has been shaky at best. I become a single mother at the age of 20. I finally met the man of my dreams, my soul mate and we got married but that did not end my struggles – we have not yet had our fairy tale ending.  We lost a son in 2005, we miscarried a pregnancy in 2006, we were blessed with another son in 2007 who spent time in NICU after being born too early. My grandmother that raised me passed away from cancer in 2010 and my world was once again a place of hurt.We had times where we were apart as my husband dealt with things from his own past. There were time we separated over things in our marriage that caused too much pain to talk about.  This left me to deal with much of my emotional turmoil alone, and only compounded the problem.

I took on this journey, much like Miranda, to find myself again.

Through it all in the last 10 years, I lost myself. I packed on the pounds in my depression and never took a good long look at myself until I landed in the emergency room thinking I was having a stroke at the age of 40.

You don’t have to wait to be perfect to help change people’s lives… it is in YOUR imperfections & your struggles that you can make the most impact not just in the lives of others, but in your own.

Take your first step HERE…  let the healing begin while helping others do the same.