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If you dont like how things are change it you're not a tree - Jim Rohn Quote - Slender Suzie Independent Team Beachbody Coach

I see it every day in my social media news feeds…. the “my life sucks posts”.

People posting about how they wish they could lose weight, wish they could pay for a broken down car, wish they could (fill in the blank).

I am going to be very short, and to the point – maybe not so sweet but this seems like it needs to be more of a “tough love” approach and not sugar coated:

If you don’t like your weight —> change it
If you don’t like your fitness level —> change it
Hate your job —> change it
Broke and can’t make ends meet —> change it
Yes these things are hard. Physically emotionally and mentally.
You know what WON’T change things? Posting on Facebook how you wish things were different. You CAN make a change if you really wanted to. Period. No excuses. No one is every stuck being overweight, or broke or unhappy. They choose to remain there because it is “too hard” to change things.