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The Pros and Cons of Enrolling Your Spouse on your Plexus Team - Slender Suzie The Inspire Empire Team

At Plexus, when it comes to spouses, you can be the only one who works your business, work one business as a team under one account, or you can sign your spouse under you as a member of your team.

Now, I get this question a lot “should I sign up my husband/wife under me?”

There is no correct answer to this. Each person/family should do what is right for THEM.  Yes Plexus Worldwide will allow you to enroll your spouse under you and you can each have your own team and customers. There are however pros and cons to this method that I will lay out for you so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

PROs of Enrolling Your Spouse

If you enroll your spouse as a member of your team you will earn more than if it were just you – assuming that your spouse’s account is also attracting new customers and team members.

I am shocked at how many Ambassadors do not understand this aspect of the compensation plan and earning money in your business… volume and commission and pay points. So many Ambassadors are leaving money on the table each week by not understanding how this works and how to capitalize on their spouse having an account.

My husband will become a second 6 figure earning income stream very easily and very fast because of what I am about to share with you.  BUT – keep in mind you also need to build your own level 1 team (if you don’t you can really mess up your rank  requirements).

Say that I were to sign “Mary” to my team and she buys a Starter Pack. In the compensation plan I would earn off of Mary’s volume and also from her Welcome Pack purchase plus pay points. In this same scenario, if Mary were to enroll under my husband’s account instead of direct to me we would BOTH earn on her starter package plus on her volume each month plus earn pay points.

So you can see monetarily it makes sense because you can be building quite a nice family income stream!

CONs of Enrolling Your Spouse

Now, yes signing you spouse is a great thing but there are some drawbacks to this method as well that you should be aware of. First you will each need to maintain the minimum $100 PV per month to be eligible for commissions and bonuses – plus you each would need to be sure to be hitting any requirements for various incentives and trips that Plexus offers.

Another drawback is that unless your spouse is working this directly with you, you will be trying to manage two accounts and decide where to have people purchase or join the team. One business is a lot of work and it needs your focus and dedication – two can make things that much more difficult. You will be splitting your time and effort which may backfire on you (very similar to my article on why it is a horrible idea to ever join more than one MLM simultaneously which you can read by clicking here).

So what is the best way to go?

This answer really is different for each person and family. You need to weigh out your options and the pros/cons above and do what works best for YOUR situation.

If you do decide to do this with two accounts I would suggest teaming up and signing every other new customer/ambassador as your own account and every other customer/ambassador to your spouse and building them evenly once you are at the point where your spouse does enroll under you.

For me, I would suggest that you sign your spouse AFTER you have reached at least Emerald rank (unless they are using their own combo of products each month – then I recommend you do in fact enroll them at wholesale and turn that into a business builder account when the time is right). You are here to earn income while changing lives (unless you are just here for the discount, in which case this whole conversation most likley does not apply to you).

Also – keep in mind when various incentives are taking place if you want to reach those levels you will need to concentrate on your own account first!