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Over the course of my time in MLM / Direct Sales, I have been exposed to all sorts of “leadership” in my business – Some good some, well lets just say they leave much to be desired.

Circle of Leadership

Let’s recap the two dominant types of leadership out there and then you tell me – what kind of leader will YOU be when you hit the upper levels of your chosen MLM or Direct Sales Company?

The “Money Leader”

In this form of leadership you learn that the guy or gal at the “top” teaches their teams to recruit a LOT of people. By doing this you absolutely can create an amazing residual income. Residual income is truly a great way to earn money for your family. No doubt there! But… the drawback to this method is laziness.

Leaders who hit the upper ranks in their companies general seem to take on two forms of life – they either continue to work their own business and lead by example OR they sit back and dictate what everyone should be doing and just collect checks. Hmmm…. Sounds like corporate America right there doesn’t it? The very daily grind I chose to leave to “be my own boss”.

When laziness creeps in (and the money has gone to their head) these leaders let their teams do all of the work, submitting minimal sales (usually just enough to collect their commissions checks) and then preach to t heir teams “get your sales up” and “recruit recruit recruit”. They post copies of their extravagant lifestyles but in reality are doing nothing substantial to truly EARN what they are making. They build teams then push THEM do the sales, and get rich off THEIR efforts. Some of them even go as low as to start a smear campaign against any and all people in their very own companies who think outside of the box and step up their games in some twisted line of thinking that if they can hurt everyone else who appears successful they will better their own positioning. They perpetuate lies and promote rumors and nasty behavior in the process, which of course then spills over into their ‘followers’ who will blindly walk off a cliff without questions because of some strange sense of loyalty – even if they know their leader is really out of line (if they would take a moment to step back and think for themselves that is).

As was pointed out by blogger KSChang “That is the optimum result, and is what everybody strives for. Everybody will want to be on the top end, where they don’t have to work, and people at the bottom “support” them. Nobody wants to be on the bottom. However, there must be a bottom somewhere… The end result is nobody want to do active income, everybody wants passive income, and to achieve that means to recruit. Nobody wants to sell anything. That’s a pyramid scheme by its very definition.”

The “Lead with Heart” Leader

With all of the above being said, YES there ARE some truly good hearted fabulous leaders out there in every company that will go to the ends of the earth for their teams and ARE in fact still working their business daily! In this type of leadership group they are still out daily – selling products and recruiting for their team and are truly still digging in and working their business BRAVO because this is what SHOULD take place no matter how far up the ‘food chain’ you are. Leading by real life example and not just shouting orders and expecting everyone to blindly fall in line.

These leaders GET IT… they know that if you kick up your heels and only travel around and party and flash your extravagant lifestyle that you will eventually get knocked off your pedestal by the very people who helped pushed you up there. They help everyone at every level of their company, and even those who do not contribute to their paychecks – reaching out across “team lines” and truly creating an environment of camaraderie throughout the company. THEY are the REAL leaders of companies. They deserve their position – they work hard for them and earn every jewel in their crown. While they may have nice homes and drive nice cars they do not use those things to parade themselves across social media – they are humble and helpful and know that one of the most important things you can do is HELP people instead of flashing your material possessions around in “look at me I am awesome” fashion.

I say THIS second scenario form of leadership are the true leaders – the people we all should strive daily to be in our own businesses. We need to be careful to keep ourselves “in check” as we build the entrepreneur lifestyle and remember who helped get us there – then help them get there too! So, as I asked at the beginning of this article – which kind of leader will YOU be as you climb the ranks of your chosen company?