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Dealing With Dissatsfied Customers by Slender Suzie

As a Plexus Ambassador you WILL encounter customers who are not happy with your products.

There are customers that are happy from day one and others that aren’t happy until day 30, 60 or 90. In order to encourage and guide your customer to success, we must ask them a series of questions that gives us a better understanding of their lifestyle, activity level, diet and any underlying issues that may be hindering their success while on one of the programs you are helping them with.

Happy customers make great Ambassadors, so you want to guide them every step of the way! Follow up is absolutely necessary or you will see more failures than successes. I encourage all of you to provide your customers with directions on how to take the products correctly and to check in with them after week 1.  You can find their contact information in your back office.

  1. How much weight do you want to lose? Remember if its 10 pounds or less….that is the hardest weight to lose and it’s going to take some time and a cleaner diet!
  2. Water intake? Are you drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day?
  3. What is your daily caloric intake? 1200-1500 calories per day is ideal. If they aren’t eating enough it could prevent them from losing weight.  Also dive into what makes up that 1200-150 calories a day.  There are healthy calories and not so healthy ones.  The choices within those calories can make a big impact on a person’s body.
  4. How’s your diet? What sort of meal plan do you follow? Walk me through a day and tel me everything you eat and drink and how much. (note: almost every time someone is struggling the answer can be found within their diet!)
  5. Do you exercise at all? Remember that muscle and fat weigh the same but look VERY different – to the scale a pound in a pound – you could potentially be losing more inches than pounds. Encourage them to take pictures and measure!
  6. Are you receiving any other benefits other than weight loss? How’s your energy level? Sleep? Make sure you help them realize their “non-scale” victories.
  7. Are you using your Plexus Products consistently?  If they are not taking the products consistently every day that may be the issue.
  8. Are they taking any other medications? If so have they checked with their doctor?
  9. Do you have normal bowel movements?  Please keep in mind “normal” varies per person.  I always say “You don’t have to answer this question, but just think about it” since it may be an uncomfortable subject for some people. I have seen a pattern with people who have a harder time losing weight if they have irregular bowel movements whether it be too loose and/or constipation.  Getting “regular” is sometimes essential to weight loss. Constipation may happen because you are cleaning your digestive tract, drink more fluids!
  10. Do they have any medical issues? Things such as hypothyroid among others can deter weight loss making the progress seem slower. Again remind the customer of their non-scale victories along their journey.

Finally, keep in mind that every person’s physiology is different.  You will ALWAYS have a few that claim they have no results. Everyone’s is unique and their physiology is different.  9 out of 10 will get great results. If they do not thank them for trying it. It will happen.

When someone stalls or hits a plateau, explain to them that as they gained weight they also did that in a plateau style.  They gained some, stopped for a bit, gain some, stopped for a bit, etc.  Weight loss is the same way.  You will see it happen in phases/ plateaus.  Encourage people to continue on while explaining this because plateaus can last a few days for months. But they are just that a stepping stone and do not last forever with proper choices and continued product use.