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Plexus sucks….

Plexus sucks….

Plexus Sucks - Slender Suzie Plexus Ambassador
A MESSAGE TO MY FELLOW NETWORK MARKETERS – and anyone else who needs to hear this (and yep I am sure this will ruffle some feathers but has anyone known me to be anything but straight up honest even if it isn’t something you want to hear)….
If it sounds to good to be true – IT IS!
Meal replacement shakes, wraps, powders, special teas and coffees, or get skinny quick schemes and the “you don’t have to change what you eat” posts. MY business isn’t about getting dangerously skinny, OUR BUSINESS is about helping people become healthy from the inside out. It is about a REAL solution.
The get skinny or get rich quick schemes come and go. If you want real success you have to put in real labor, have real consistency, and full 100% belief in what you are offering.
I am successful because I am a Plexus lifer and because I’ve screwed up and thought the grass was greener on the other side and tried the others and I can only stand by something that I believe in (you can read more on that by clicking here if you have not seen that yet). I have had real success and real results ONLY with Plexus and that is the reason I am here. It was never about money for me (although that is part of why I do what I do – after all we have bills to pay like everyone else)… it was about a business with as purpose. A business with a cause, a business backed by people who know what they are doing, and care, a business surrounded by others who love the Lord and who are now people I consider family.
If you are jumping ship, it’s not because Plexus sucks… it’s because you didn’t put in the consistency, the daily effort and you just didn’t have it in you to push through the really tough times or get past that start up phase.
It took me TIME to become successful in this business. I worked for free for a very long time. I made investments into my business. I have had my business fall apart on me and I have had to rebuild it more than once.
I promise you this. The moment my income disappears, the moment my business crumbles … again… I will not let fear take me away from what I love. I love this business, and I will always be here…
Free Samples – Why They Hurt Your Business

Free Samples – Why They Hurt Your Business

I get asked many times each week about free samples of my products – and to be quite honest for a while I gave away freebies to my “friends”.  I always felt like I had to do that. Just because I am a close relative or I knew someone from high school, church, whatever the case may be as to why we had met. They made me feel obligated to them for some odd reason. Yes, even the ones who I had not seen or heard from in YEARS. Sometimes I even get random messages asking for freebies from unknown people through my blog or social media sites.

Issues with Free Samples

Here is the problem. When I did give out free samples to these friends and family they would disappear after getting their goodies. Never to be heard from again!  No feedback, no hey I got your package, nothing. Just POOF. Gone. I used to give out freebies in the hope to get feedback and future sales for my business – a business that supports my family, a business that pays our bills and keeps a roof over our heads.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a small handful of times I will still give a small sample but they are pretty rare these days. It is more a trade for a favor (such as when someone helped us move our furniture to our new house) or something that person has in exchange for what I have. Those situations are a win win.

The other issue with this “can I have a free samples” is quite honestly this. I pay money out of my own pocket to have trial products on hand.  By giving out freebies I am basically giving away my money, my family’s money. If I gave out just one 5 day pack a week that would cost me thousands of dollars of my family’s income each year (and imagine if it was multiple requests per week -yikes)!!!  An income that again I will stress helps pay our family’s bills and keeps a roof over our head. This is my ONLY job. It is our lifeline.

Free Samples Can Hurt Your Business

To those asking for samples, what they fail to remember when they want free goodies is that this is my bread and butter. My business. If they owned a store or other business would I be able to walk in and say “hey can I have all of this for free?” Hmmm.  Probably not.  So why do people feel that just because I work at home my stuff is free as well?

I have had some say “I guess you don’t want my business”.

Would you walk into a car dealership and ask for a free car in order to come back when you then want to buy one? Would you walk into a restaurant and say “I want a free dinner and if I like it then I will come back and buy a dinner and pay for it?”  Okay so those are not exactly the same thing but in theory its the same basic principal or idea.

Your Business Is Valuable

Besides that my products are valuable – they work, they produce results.  They are worth more than nothing (and a freebie equals nothing – zero, zip, zilch, nada). What I do holds VALUE. If I were to just give out my stuff not only do I take money away from supporting my family I then place the value of my business at $0.

On the flip side of that think about it. Is your health worth nothing or are you willing to invest in yourself? I find that the people who get the freebies are simply just looking for a freebie. They have no reason to commit to making a real effort or a real change in themselves.  Why should they? There was no commitment on their part – it was free! If they don’t put a little skin in the game they are not invested in making it work – pain and simple.

Sorry, No Free Samples Here…

While I love my friends the truth of the matter is my business is just that, a business.  Do I want them to get healthy, look and feel better? YOU BET I DO! But I also need to be able to support my family and run my business without feeling guilty.

So I will continue to only sell my products at the prices set by my company. You can buy a trial pack, continue on to purchase a full month supply, or you can feel free to pass on that and move to something else. That is your choice. But I have to run my business like any other business has to.

If you want a trial pack and choose to purchase them or buy a month supply of my product line thank you for your support of my business and taking the steps to better your body, mind, spirit and business. I am here to support you as your coach and mentor once you become my customer.

What I cannot do and will not do is give any freebies out in that process.

Watch Your Words

Watch Your Words

Watch Your Words - FTC FDA and Plexus Compliance - Slender Suzie


We are all super excited about being part of Plexus Worldwide and we cannot wait to tell everyone we know about the amazing products and opportunity. As exciting as all of this is, please bear in mind you must be careful with how you word things when posting online or discussing product results and the business opportunity.

Some Ambassadors complain about the rules Compliance puts out there for us all to follow but you need to realize they are there to protect you and Plexus as a whole. They are not “out to get you” or to make your life miserable.

Remember that just because you may see people post things online does NOT mean they are doing it right or keeping things legal and in line with state and federal laws so it is important YOU be aware of the FDA and FTC requirements regarding income claims and supplements / testimonials.  And using the excuse “well she/he did it” simply doesn’t fly.

So, let’s go over some of the basic rules and guidelines you should know:

Income Claims

Part of the excitement people feel when joining Plexus as a business opportunity is the potential to earn money. While it’s tempting to post pictures of piles of cash or new cars, or talk about how people are making thousands or millions of dollars, it is important to remember that an Ambassador cannot make any statements about or promises of guaranteed income (for example, “join me today and you’ll be making over $1,000 in your first month!”).

If an Ambassador chooses to discuss their own financial success either through conversations, emails, social media, blogs, etc., they must always include an income disclaimer. A basic one is: “Plexus Worldwide does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Ambassador opportunity. Each Ambassador’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.”

You can also read some more detailed examples of proper ways to post and be compliant from MLM Attorney Kevin Thomspon by clicking here.

Product Claims / Claims of Cure / Testimonials

When you talk about results with any Plexus products you nor your customers can include any medical, therapeutic, curative, or treatment claims (such as “Plexus cured my diabetes!”).  Whenever you are discussing the products be sure to include “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

When a customer or Ambassador talks about their own progress you must still be very careful when using those to advertise your product line.  The FTC clearly states “Testimonials and endorsements must reflect the typical experiences of consumers, unless the ad clearly and conspicuously states otherwise. A statement that not all consumers will get the same results is not enough to qualify a claim. Testimonials and endorsements can’t be used to make a claim that the advertiser itself cannot substantiate.”

Another good example of how to post a testimonial be to add a statement such as “Testimonials appearing on this site are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services. Testimonials are based on personal experiences, and we cannot guarantee these same results for everyone. The testimonies are published VERBATIM except for the correction of grammatical or typing errors. No statements appearing anywhere on this website have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.”

You need to be very clear that results will vary and you are making no guarantees. You can read more in-depth examples right on the FTC’s website by clicking here for product and testimonial posts.

So, Remember…

Whether you are doing a video, speaking in person or posting written items disclaimers are key in not only protecting yourself, but protecting our company in the process.


Enrolling Your Spouse on Your Team

Enrolling Your Spouse on Your Team

The Pros and Cons of Enrolling Your Spouse on your Plexus Team - Slender Suzie The Inspire Empire Team

At Plexus, when it comes to spouses, you can be the only one who works your business, work one business as a team under one account, or you can sign your spouse under you as a member of your team.

Now, I get this question a lot “should I sign up my husband/wife under me?”

There is no correct answer to this. Each person/family should do what is right for THEM.  Yes Plexus Worldwide will allow you to enroll your spouse under you and you can each have your own team and customers. There are however pros and cons to this method that I will lay out for you so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

PROs of Enrolling Your Spouse

If you enroll your spouse as a member of your team you will earn more than if it were just you – assuming that your spouse’s account is also attracting new customers and team members.

I am shocked at how many Ambassadors do not understand this aspect of the compensation plan and earning money in your business… volume and commission and pay points. So many Ambassadors are leaving money on the table each week by not understanding how this works and how to capitalize on their spouse having an account.

My husband will become a second 6 figure earning income stream very easily and very fast because of what I am about to share with you.  BUT – keep in mind you also need to build your own level 1 team (if you don’t you can really mess up your rank  requirements).

Say that I were to sign “Mary” to my team and she buys a Starter Pack. In the compensation plan I would earn off of Mary’s volume and also from her Welcome Pack purchase plus pay points. In this same scenario, if Mary were to enroll under my husband’s account instead of direct to me we would BOTH earn on her starter package plus on her volume each month plus earn pay points.

So you can see monetarily it makes sense because you can be building quite a nice family income stream!

CONs of Enrolling Your Spouse

Now, yes signing you spouse is a great thing but there are some drawbacks to this method as well that you should be aware of. First you will each need to maintain the minimum $100 PV per month to be eligible for commissions and bonuses – plus you each would need to be sure to be hitting any requirements for various incentives and trips that Plexus offers.

Another drawback is that unless your spouse is working this directly with you, you will be trying to manage two accounts and decide where to have people purchase or join the team. One business is a lot of work and it needs your focus and dedication – two can make things that much more difficult. You will be splitting your time and effort which may backfire on you (very similar to my article on why it is a horrible idea to ever join more than one MLM simultaneously which you can read by clicking here).

So what is the best way to go?

This answer really is different for each person and family. You need to weigh out your options and the pros/cons above and do what works best for YOUR situation.

If you do decide to do this with two accounts I would suggest teaming up and signing every other new customer/ambassador as your own account and every other customer/ambassador to your spouse and building them evenly once you are at the point where your spouse does enroll under you.

For me, I would suggest that you sign your spouse AFTER you have reached at least Emerald rank (unless they are using their own combo of products each month – then I recommend you do in fact enroll them at wholesale and turn that into a business builder account when the time is right). You are here to earn income while changing lives (unless you are just here for the discount, in which case this whole conversation most likley does not apply to you).

Also – keep in mind when various incentives are taking place if you want to reach those levels you will need to concentrate on your own account first!

It’s not called NOTwork Marketing

It’s not called NOTwork Marketing

Work Hard and Make It Happen It's Network Marketing it is not called NOTwork Marketing - Slender Suzie Business Coach Plexus Ambassador The Inspire Empire

The odds of finding a four-leaf clover have been calculated at 10,000 to 1! If you do find one, you are lucky indeed – but guess what?  That kind of luck does not apply to your business life!

If you’re not working then your business isn’t working. Success comes down to the individual. Not the company. Not your sponsor. Not even your products. Not the company’s “momentum” or “launches”, or “getting to a Billion”.  There is no luck here – its all about work.

So, let me ask you this….

How many people did you get your information in front of today?
How about yesterday?
How about this week?


Get a system that works for you and WRITE IT DOWN and be sure you are doing it every single day. I personally use Streak for my business activities (its very visual and it’s free)! Some use Asana, some use Teamzy, some use pen and paper or buy a planner – whatever work for you then DO IT.

f you are procrastinating on making your phone calls, posting on social media, sending your emails and doing your follow-ups or other daily essentials for success you will never pick up momentum – not your own and not the momentum of your company or your team.  If you don’t invest the time to master your inviting skills, then what good is “the right place at the right time” if you can’t even get people to show up to take a look at your information?

Gain skills by doing the main thing you must do, EVERY DAY, toward what you’re going to achieve, and the universe will take care of the rest!

Be committed – work your business everyday – and stop with the excuses and stories. This is network marketing but some people think is NOTwork marketing – and guess what? They are missing the boat!

RIGHT NOW. It’ll either be a story of that one time you tried this or a decision to be successful.

Which do you choose in the next 60 seconds? Go do it NOW!

Business Burnout and the Entrepreneur

Business Burnout and the Entrepreneur

Are you burned out on your business - Engage Your Future with Slender Suzie
So, I see this a lot especially on social media. Company hoppers. I am not talking about people like myself who leave certain companies with bad products for a company with a solid reputation and product lines or the ones who are just getting started and are not quite sure where their passion lies just yet – I am talking about the ones that jump from company to company because they are never successful.
You know the type.
The other day a fellow Ambassador and I were chatting in a private message on Facebook, she says to me “I think I’m just getting burned out on my business”…
I asked “Well how many people did you get your information in front of today?”
She said “None today”
I asked, “Well how many people to you invite to make a connection with your this week to grow your network?”
She said “Umm, I did one on Tuesday!”
I said “Well how many people did you invite or make a personal connection with this MONTH?”
She replied “I don’t know, like 1 or 2?”
Now, you all know me – I am a pretty straight shooter, so I had to tell her: “Well, you’re not burned out on doing the business. What you’re burned out on is THINKING about the doing the business!”
If you’re not tracking your activities and holding yourself accountable, then you’re going to have a heck of a ride on that emotional roller coaster – you are not burned out on the business because you are not even working the business!
Have you ever fallen into that trap or know someone who has?