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Are you burned out on your business - Engage Your Future with Slender Suzie
So, I see this a lot especially on social media. Company hoppers. I am not talking about people like myself who leave certain companies with bad products for a company with a solid reputation and product lines or the ones who are just getting started and are not quite sure where their passion lies just yet – I am talking about the ones that jump from company to company because they are never successful.
You know the type.
The other day a fellow Ambassador and I were chatting in a private message on Facebook, she says to me “I think I’m just getting burned out on my business”…
I asked “Well how many people did you get your information in front of today?”
She said “None today”
I asked, “Well how many people to you invite to make a connection with your this week to grow your network?”
She said “Umm, I did one on Tuesday!”
I said “Well how many people did you invite or make a personal connection with this MONTH?”
She replied “I don’t know, like 1 or 2?”
Now, you all know me – I am a pretty straight shooter, so I had to tell her: “Well, you’re not burned out on doing the business. What you’re burned out on is THINKING about the doing the business!”
If you’re not tracking your activities and holding yourself accountable, then you’re going to have a heck of a ride on that emotional roller coaster – you are not burned out on the business because you are not even working the business!
Have you ever fallen into that trap or know someone who has?