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Have you heard of BlogLovin’? This site lets users add the blogs they want to follow and get all of their new posts in a feed on BlogLovin! And yes, they can add ANY blog.

Follow Me on Blog Luvin Slender Suzie

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So how does this benefit you as an entrepreneur – SIMPLE! You need to tied your blog to the BlogLovin’ Service and get followers. When you sign up for an account go to you settings and add your blog. They will then provide you with a claim code. Simply paste that code anywhere in your blog and BAM each time you enter a new blog post it will also publish on the BlogLovin’ site!! Code For Bloglovin

If you are not yet on this service and you have your own blog I have one question for you – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This is easy exposure to gain more followers and grow your business without any extra effort. It’s truly a ‘no brainer’!