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Poachers in Networks Marketing and MLM Opportunities | www.SlenderSuzie.comI saw this post by someone who I know and wanted to share with a few tweaks of my own – because these words ring VERY TRUE (and it is sad to see so many who do not get this logic) – and I am not saying never change companies – I switched because my former company had bad products and a bad attitude this is about the “I can earn more faster if I do this” instead of doing it the right way – which takes TIME.  I wrote an articles the other day on why you should not join more than one MLM Opportunity – and this is a follow up to that post because when some do decide to jump on board all of those next best company ships they then decide its a “good” idea to get their team and the teams of others to join them!


If you are jumping ships to another company and now poaching people to ‘your’ team because it’s a hot new best thing since sliced bread then you are an A grade FOOL. Why?

  • You have just told your company and friends that you lack commitment & your word means very little because 5 mins ago you were at another opportunity saying it was Amazing join, join, join or buy, buy, buy.
  • Why would anyone trust someone that poaches? When they leave this opportunity for the best biggest bestest thing, and it will happen, they will then poach your new team. What’s stopping them right? They did it before.  You are now a person who is not to be and cannot be trusted.
  • Hype is not a good thing, hard work is. Business jumping will not only destroy your reputation in the industry, but you will never learn retention and the skills to have a long term career in Network marketing/ direct sale.
  • People who chase a quick high or promotion are missing the point! It’s not about getting to be a 7 Star Director and sitting on your thrown, (although we know that happens – I won’t mention any names but you know who they are) it’s about moving forward we a group of people who have the same common goal, and that’s to better there lives and those around them.

This isn’t aimed at 1 person, but you know what – if it just helps 1 person understand that COMMITMENT is the most important key to success, then my job here is complete.

Business poaching is fairly common place in network marketing, but I can guarantee you this – the ones who continue this course of behavior will NEVER be successful when all is said and done.  What is that called – karma? If you are a leader watching your team getting poached can be difficult. Whats worse if when our the kind of leader who leads with their heart and TRULY wants to see your team be successful and you see those people making the biggest mistake of their life and are helpless to stop it. Unfortunately for those leaders with big hearts the most you can do is “bless and release” then move on to others who see the value in what you and your team stand for.