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Be Careful Who You Follow - Big Names Do Not Always Mean Good Advice in Social Media Marketing - Slender Suzie

So I recently took a training that I paid a super pretty penny to be involved with – around $2,000 to be exact. I had looked up to this trainer for a while as a person who really knew their stuff so paying the money I paid for it I thought ‘well its top notch so its worth the expense’.

This person does exactly what I do in business – body and business coaching. So I was completely excited to sign up and get trained by this person!

The training itself was a letdown to say the least, there was not even any interaction with the person doing the training in real time as promoted. But – then it happened…

We finally had a live webinar and the trainer said to download videos other people had done and load them as your own to your Facebook to get better engagement.


My heart sank as I listened in and heard this person telling the people on the webinar to do something that could ultimately get them shut down on Facebook or worse yet – get them in legal hot water.

Please be careful who you look up to, who you get training from. If something does not feel right that you are being taught DIG DEEPER and follow your gut.

Know the rules of your platform and know things like copyright laws. For me, I realized quickly that this person was no longer someone who I could respect in terms of their business practices and teachings.

Have you ever gotten a training that you regretted paying for? Comment below and let me know about your experiences with some bad trainings you have had: