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Everyone has to start somewhere – even if its just one small baby step!

Baby steps can give you long lasting results because after a while those small steps add up to big accomplishments – especially when you are trying to lose weight.


As long as you are trying you can NEVER fail. The only way to fail is to never get started.

Take A Step Even A Baby Step Today Towards Improving Your Life Evenry Little Step Counts - Slender Suzie QuotesA few idea if you are not sure where to start:

  • Drink one less can of soda each day
  • Drink one more bottle of water each day
  • Not snack after 7pm each night
  • Eat a small breakfast each morning
  • Go for a short walk every day
  • Replace vegetable oil with coconut oil this week for cooking
  • Add 1 additional serving of green vegetable to your meals each day


Then build on this baby step and add a new healthy habit each Monday.  Just add one each week.

Every Monday, come up with a new, small habit you are going to adopt. Think about how much change you could create in your life if every week you add a new healthy habit.

That’s about four new habits per month, 48 new healthy habits per year! You can pretty much guarantee those weekly habits will add up to an improved you!

So come on – comment below and tell me what your baby step will be this week!