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Autopilot is not a good thing - Business Coaching with Slender Suzie

You know I see posts come up all of the time on social media from marketers saying things like “sign people up on autopilot” – now maybe it’s just me but that is NOT how I would want to run a business. I much prefer the 1:1 approach (plus ‘autopilot’ just sounds scammer to me that one of the reasons Direct Sales gets a bad reputation when it’s actually a really wonderful gift).

I am not saying you should not use tools for your business such as email campaigns to continue reaching your audience regularly – that is an absolute MUST do.

But “autopilot” is never a good approach. At the very least, it won’t have lasting benefits if there’s no personal connection. People seem to be under the illusion they can get results by osmosis, whether it’s business, weight, or anything else that actually requires WORK.

Be honest and let people know that to build a true and honest, lasting business they will need to put in some work to reap the rewards.