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Well yesterday was a very rough day for me. When I went to sleep last night my right leg was feeling a bit numb – not the kind where your foot falls asleep and it tingles but actually numb. I did not think much of it and fell asleep. Well I got up this morning and realize my right foot and calf still felt that same way.

We loaded up and went to our son’s Tball game.

My husband and I help out the coach so its a family event. My husband stands at home base helping the kids bat and putting the Tball stand out after 2 pitches from their coach. I stand at either 2nd or 3rd base to help the kids know what to do next until they learn.

When they are not at bat I help them out by keeping them from running full speed across to the other end of the field… imagine fourteen 4, 5 and 6 year old boys and girls all running directly toward the same ball – CHAOS! But I do love being involved as much as possible with my son’s activities, and love it even more when my husband is also there. It is my personal fantasy family – always doing things together!

During the game my leg and foot were still feeling strange. But after Tball we went to our favorite local restaurant to eat, especially since we all had skipped breakfast. We chatted with my friend who works there and enjoyed our family lunch before heading home. On the way home, as I was driving, I got a very sharp stabbing pain in the back up my upper right leg. WHAT ON EARTH? Why was this pain moving up my leg? Well the initial thoughts was “do I have a blood clot in my leg?”

As the afternoon went on, my leg got worse.

I finally decided it was time to take a trip to the ER. About half way to the ER my cheeks started to tingle and feel very odd. When I got there they took me right back – no wait! The nurse weighed me in – holy smokes 182 pounds! That was about 10 pounds heavier than when I weighed myself at home last (well over a month ago). Well then she took my blood pressure 146/91 – now I do not know much about blood pressure readings but I was told it should be less than 120/80 to be normal…. I was actually in what is considered Hypertension Stage 1

Blood Pressure Chart

She took me back to an exam room and I undressed, put on my gown and sat on the table. Three different nurses and other staff came in and out and one nurse said to me “do you think your having a stroke?” I immediately thought “oh my gosh I cannot be having a stroke, I am 40 and have 2 children!”

After that I saw no one for an hour. Luckily it was not a stroke otherwise I most likely could have died in that room and no one would know until they came back. A physician assistant finally appeared and moved my leg around a bit and then told me “take some Advil and go home and rest” THAT’S IT?!?!?!?

The nurse asks me if its a stroke and then he tells me to take Advil? No tests, no blood work, nothing…. I asked him about my blood pressure and he responded “the ER is not a good place to have your blood pressure taken”. I was in complete and total shock at the lack of care I was receiving – which I am quite sure is because my family currently has no health insurance. So, I took my paperwork and went home.

As the night went on my right arm and hand started having some pains and numbness. We considered going to a different ER and then decided to carefully watch how I felt. I finally fell asleep in my reclining chair. This morning, while I have just very faint odd feeling in my leg still. I am feeling much better.

I decided to look up my symptoms to see what I could discover….. guess what kept popping up as a possible cause? OBESITY

Yes, while there are other possible causes, I could not ignore that word on my computer screen OBESITY…. It is time for a change before things get worse. I need to get healthy for myself, for my husband, for my children. This is no longer an option but a life saving measure.

NOTE: Yes before you ask I will be following up with a primary care doctor to be sure there are not other issues going on (such as MS, a stroke they did not detect at the ER, sciatica, etc) and get good follow up and tests. But either way I am sure being as over weight as I am will need to be corrected no matter what the outcome of my visit to his office! (notice the belly fat protruding from my shirt in this photo! UGHHH)